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Who are we ?

ELYKSIR is a trusted consultancy firm in the field of strategy, innovation, and business development. Its goal is to address the specific needs of chief executives.

ELYKSIR is a multitalented team of more than 150 partners based primarily in 

Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Brussells, Moscov, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Dehli, Bangalore, Algeria, Marrakesh, Dakar. We are fully committed to our clients and share their high standards.

ELYKSIR’s strength is in rapidly establishing multidisciplinary teams to design constantly evolving, diverse solutions, and to implement effective, innovative methodologies.

With our experts continually monitoring a variety of different industries in countries around the world, ELYKSIR delivers the most up-to-date best practices and strategies to our customers.

Our partners constantly monitor the best human and technological strategies in different activity sectors and countries. This enables ELYKSIR to bring its clients the best practices and strategies that help them successfully implement their most ambitious projects.

Caroline AUBERT, President of ELYKSIR

Caroline Aubert spent her childhood in Deauville, situated on the coast of Normandy.

After completing her Diploma in Advanced Studies in Modern Literature, she pursued additional studies in Art History at the Ecole du Louvre (Paris). She then completed an advanced degree in Business Management at the School of Arts & Métiers in Paris while working for the Stanford Graduate School of Business and ESSEC. She then obtained a postgraduate degree in Applied Psychology (Paris), specializing in organizational psychology. She became Director of Development of a publishing house specializing in History and Geopolitics. While participating in a management seminar…  Read more


paving the way to excellence


A network of high level global partners


The experience and range of ELYKSIR’s projects, in France and the rest of the world, has enabled it to create a network of highly skilled experts. For each project, a team of dedicated, responsive experts is created. Using the latest innovations in technology, they seek solutions to complex problems.

helping executives select the experts and methods that create the values for their businesses




To always be at the cutting edge of innovation, ELYKSIR is a partner of the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation, of Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation and of Mardis de l’Innovation.


In cooperation with the Master 2 in Innovation and Management of new technologies at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (IMT), ELYKSIR keeps investigating the basic principles of wealth creation. It has also set up a watch and exchange group made up of chief executives and the best international experts on innovation and growth





As a partner with the Rotary Club of Paris and HEC Entrepreneurs, ELYKSIR supports young designers and entrepreneurs. As a member of Commission internationale du ROTARY CLUB de PARIS, ELYKSIR is also contributing to the development of New Vision, a project to encourage entrpreneurialship and innovation in developing countries (managed in Dakar and an international deployment).


Expert in social and economic wealth creation



Assisting executives in strategic analysis.


Implementing strategic projects with experts, and methods and tools at the cutting edge of innovation.


Our Clients.



R & D.


Les nouvelles vagues d’innovation


Comment les vagues d’innovation impactent-elle sur les enjeux stratégiques des entreprises ? Tel est l’objet de notre réflexion menée au sein du groupe de veille et d’échanges qui réunit les grands dirigeants ainsi que les meilleurs experts au monde en matière d’innovation et de croissance.


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